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AGDJ Brown: a History

The Brown family has a long relationship with the English forests. Before World War II, Abraham Brown – my great grandfather – produced chair legs for the famous furniture factories of High Wycombe from trees felled in the Buckinghamshire woods.

In 1947, he started a forestry business with his son, Geoff, clearing land and felling trees for various councils, gardens and estates in Buckinghamshire. The business grew as they provided timber for firewood, cricket bats, fence posts and panels and building materials for towns such as Chesham and Amerhsam. Over the years, the company also took on more and more farm work.

In 1984, after almost forty years, Geoff Brown – Grandad – retired, handing the business over to my father. After Grandad died in 1998, business slowed as forestry work dried up until it closed in 1999, ending a 52 year run.

I reopened the business in 2001 in Buckinghamshire, with a renewed emphasis on farm work – especially in the summer months – along with the traditional forestry work. My Grandfather's name was still well-known in the area, and the business grew with the help of his reputation and our maintenence of high standards. In 2008, we started a business in Norfolk doing general garden maintenance and tree surgery while continuing to run the business in Buckinghamshire. Since then, we have extended our services to include all types of construction, groundwork, demolition and forestry projects. We look forward to providing you with our quality services throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

– Simon Nielson

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